Ten Days of openSUSE, Day One: The Kernel

In the lead up to the upcoming openSUSE release 11.4, I figured we could highlight some major new developments that are coming in this release.Celebration time imminent!

At the core of every Linux distribution lies the Linux Kernel, the heart of it all. The kernel the most fundamental part of the operating system, allowing programs to interact with your processor, hard disks, keyboard, etc. The kernel coming in 11.4 contains quite a number of great improvements.

  • “Kernel activity patch,” which we had previously talked about makes the openSUSE desktop feel faster and more responsive than ever.
  • Hoardes of new drivers adding better hardware support than ever, including a number of new input devices (including some new Wacom hardware, which I’m particularly pleased about).
  • Multi-processor support for Ext4, the default filesystem openSUSE uses. If you have a dual-core notebook or desktop, openSUSE 11.4 will give you faster data access than before
  • Plenty more that I cannot properly enumerate.

For all the gritty technical details, the folks over at kernelnewbies.org put up this handy summary of changes.

Mark your calendars, only 9 more days to go!

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