Rocking out with Minitunes

Since you’ve upgraded to KDE 4.5 and started to suddenly feel the need for speed, you aren’t quite happy with Amarok 2 or Banshee anymore. “I want something faster, lighter” you think to yourself.

Meet Minitunes, a lightweight Qt-based music application that meets the criteria, and still looks fabulous doing it.

Unfortunate Mac OS X screenshot due to lack of a pretty music library 🙁

Although it is young, Minitunes offers a straightforward listening experience, just don’t expect more complex features like media-device support, scrobbling, etc, yet. While Flavio Tordini, Minitunes’ author plans to add these kinds of features in the future, for now it’s a simple, yet beautiful, music player.

When you fire up Minitunes, the first thing you do is point it at the folder containing all of your music and off it goes! Minitunes will automagically catalog your music and obtain artist information and cover art via It takes a bit of time, especially if you have a large collection of music, but the process is seamless and very cool.

The interfaces features a no-frills experience that’s tasteful while remaining simple. On the left, you can select an artist, browse through your albums or simply click a choice to get to the music. It’s a simple way to navigate through your music and get playing. On the right, is the playlist. It’s fairly simple and I have no complaints with it. One thing I noticed, and it may only pertain to me, is that the artists were not alphabetized. I guess I’m a bit neurotic about those things, but other users may find this refreshing.

As beautiful as Minitunes is, the feature that is above and beyond the coolest part of Minitunes is the “info” view. Clicking on the “i” button in the toolbar will display interesting information and pictures of the artist as well as lyrics for the song.

Some of the missing features in Minitunes is a feature by itself, I don’t want Minitunes to become too busy which would defeat the purpose of using Minitunes if you ask me. if you’re dying to give Minitunes a try, just click on the installer button below and enjoy!

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