Ten Days of openSUSE, Day Three: Browsing

The countdown to openSUSE 11.4 is down to seven days, and on this third day of openSUSE I wanted to highlight the big change in web browsers in the newest release of everybody’s favorite Linux distribution.

With the major shift towards web applications for both personal and professional use, fast and modern browsers have now extraordinarily important. Whether you’re accessing GMail on your home desktop or working with Salesforce or other web-based professional applications, the browser is where most users spend time these days.

Lucky for those users openSUSE 11.4 comes with a couple of major new web browser additions such as Firefox 4, Chromium 11 and for our KDE bretheren, Konqueror now uses a fully WebKit-based backend.

If you’re an Opera user, you can grab Opera 11 from opera.com.

Any way you cut it, the new openSUSE is ready for just about anything you throw at it. Flash support, you betcha. HTML5, got it. Fast JavaScript applications, definitely. This release of openSUSE is great for both the casual and professoinal web user, enjoy!